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For other appearances in the Danganronpa series, see Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu (Danganronpa V3).

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu is a character featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, voiced by Derek Stephen Prince. Danganronpa 2 marks Fuyuhiko's first voiced appearance within the Danganronpa franchise.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Destination Despair
Chapter 2 - Sea and Punishment, Sin and Coconuts
Chapter 3 - Trapped by the Ocean Scent
Chapter 4 - Do Ultimate Robots Dream of Clockwork?
Chapter 5 - Smile at Hope in the Name of Despair
Chapter 6 - This is the End Goodbye Academy of Despair
Miscellaneous Voicelines

Chapter 1 - Destination Despair

"Didn't that Byakuya bastard get killed in the dining hall, huh? Then everyone there is a fucking suspect."

"No shit. You guys went off on your own and started killing each other. This has nothing to do with me."

"Hey... The hell is this?"

"But still, your stomach pain... Was that really just a coincidence?"

"Heh. I'm only butting because you fucking idiots are out of your element."

"What I mean is... Is it possible someone slipped her some laxatives?"

"If so, the killer could've tripped the breaker as soon as that girl left the office, don't you think?"

"Did you eat anything weird?"

"There might've been some laxatives in it, don't you think?"

"What the fuck did you say, bitch?!"

"Sounds like you don't need to blame yourself..."

"What are you implying?"

"You got us to lower our guard and tried to hide the fact that you did it, didn't you, you motherfucker?!"

"It's fine. Let's start the damn vote already. I'm ready to fucking kill this psycho."

"Huh? The fuck?"

"That bastard Nagito is the one who did it!"

"He killed Byakuya with the knife he hid!"

"The hell are you talking about? It's obvious the knife is the murder weapon."

"Hey, that better be true! If you screwed up, I'll sell your fucking ass to a whorehouse!"

"You failed? Th-Then you're not the one who killed Byakuya?" ///

"If there are blood stains on it, that settles it. Nagito used the tablecloth to block the blood splatter." ///


"Wh-What the fuck are you saying?! I'm not the killer!" ///

"Don't mess with me! I'll fucking kill you!"

"Don't act like I'm the fucking killer!"

"You should've said that earlier, dumbass..."

"Tch... Shut up!" ///

"What'd you say, motherfucker?!"

"You sure like to piss us off. How about I shut your fucking mouth for you?!"

"He's just saying random shit to fuck with us! You probably dumped it somewhere on the island, didn't you?"

Chapter 2 - Sea and Punishment, Sin and Coconuts

"Heh. I was in a game? That's fucking stupid..."



"Why do you sound so fucking happy? That's a winning personality you got there..."

"I was being sarcastic, dumbass!"

"Yeah, I have a little sister..."

"Something wrong with that? It's just a fucking game! Don't go mixing up some videogame with reality."

"D-Don't go making shit up, bastard!"

"If she was the type to die easily, I'd have fucking killed her myself a long time ago!"

"I mean... When I first entered Hope's Peak Academy, she was mouthing off to me as usual and sent me off..." ///

"I-It happened just the other day!"

"Shut the fuck up! You be quiet!"

"That's just a story in a fucking game!"

"You're fucking persistent! I don't care what that game said at all... but..." ///

"I-Is... Is that true? Girl E... S-She killed the first victim?" ///

"If it's a weapon that was used to beat them to death..."

"It should've had blood stains." ///

"What? I-It's just a story in a videogame, isn't it?"

"Tch. You sure do talk a lot of shit... Well, I'm used to it by now."

"Y-You better cut that out right now! There is no way a stupid game could be the motive!"

"W-What are you...?" ///

"Don't believe her so easily, dumbass! She's obviously lying!"

"No. I didn't..." ///

"It's just a coincidence that I passed by the diner. I wasn't even paying attention to the beach house."

"I went straight back to my cottage after I saw you guys. I didn't see anyone during that time."

"It's the truth. Deal with it."

"And weren't you also hiding in the closet?"

"So that's when you dropped the gummy!"

"The only one childish enough to eat gummies is that midget over there."

"Hold on, you little bitch! You think you're in the clear just because of a little gummy?!"

"Don't be stupid, I'm not done backing you into a corner yet!" ///

"We're not done with Hiyoko, yet!" ///

"There's still a huge piece of evidence left!"

"If you keep making shit up, I'll fucking kill you!" ///

"Just ask Hiyoko. She's the killer, after all..."

"We haven't decided that, yet!" ///

"Shut up! I'm telling you, she's the killer! That little bitch is definitely the killer!" ///

"If Mahiru didn't block the door..."

"Then Hiyoko did it!"

"She killed Mahiru..."

"And blocked the door with her body!"

"Hiyoko is the only killer I can think of!"

"So what, dumbass?!"

"There's a shower room inside the beach house!" ///

"After she moved the body..."

"She just washed it off in the shower!"

"The fact that Hiyoko was at the beach house..."

"...can be proven by the footprints in the sand!"

"Did you get all that, you bastard?!"

"O-Out of order?"

"Then... maybe she took her clothes off to move the body, and when she was done, she... put them back on!" ///



"Tch. Is it really okay to believe her so easily? She might be faking those tears, you know."

"Isn't that what a class trial is all about?" ///

"The only way to survive is to be suspicious. This is where we go to thoroughly doubt each other!"

"So if you believe in each other so easily, then there's definitely something wrong with you!"

"Dumbasses... You bastards don't know anything. If you're stupid enough to trust each other..."

"...the only thing waiting for you is the bitter truth."

"They couldn't use the shower, right?"

"So washing it off would've been impossible."

"Something other than the shower? Like what?"

"H-Hold on... Y-You know who the killer is?"

"Hold on, you bastard!"

"You saw her at the diner! You never saw her near the beach house, right?!"

"So maybe she really was swimming!"

"No... I saw her."

"A-After I ran into you bastards at the diner, I... crossed paths with her on my way home."

"S-So there's no doubt... She would've arrived at the diner from the opposite direction of the beach house." ///

"Ugh!" ///


"Tch. Not so fast! It's too soon to decide she's the killer!"

"We haven't established how the killer was able to leave the beach house!"

"The roadside door was blocked... and if it's impossible to leave from the beach house without leaving footprints..." ///

"Then how the fuck did the killer escape?!"

"Tch. Who cares about that?! Answer me! If you have an explanation, then show me what you got!" ///


"Heh. Don't you know how high that window is? There's no way Peko could've reached it!" ///

"And what happened to the rope after they used it? And don't say something stupid like 'they threw it outside.'" ///

"You see? There's no way they'd be able to escape from that window!"

"H-Hold on a sec, you bastard!"

"You're used she used her sword as a step stool and went out the fucking window?! Then what about the sword?!" ///

"It would've been left in the shower room and she wouldn't have been able to recover it, dumbass!"

"Shut up! Just shut the fuck up and answer me! If you have an answer, then fucking give it to me!"

"If she used the bamboo sword as a step stool, it would've been left behind!" ///

"Ghhhh!" ///

"H-Hold on! You're just making assumptions!"

"Y-You don't have any proof! I won't accept this unless there's proof!"

"Got it, you bastard?!"


"I-It's fine, just stop it."

"Tch. I'm telling you to stop it!"






"Just... me?"

Chapter 3 - Trapped by the Ocean Scent

"Spending the night at the hospital was prohibited, so Hajime and I had to sleep in our cottages."

"We were also looking for Ibuki since she disappeared from our sight."

"Don't say it like that and confuse people."

"But the door wouldn't open. Since we had no other option, the four of us broke down the door."

"And when that happened... we didn't just find Ibuki's body. We also found Hiyoko's."

"And not just that... Her body was taped to a pillar."

"Well, it's clear what the problem with this case is. When Hajime left the music venue, who-"

"Like I said before, it's pretty clear what the problem with this case is."

"The killer murdered Hiyoko while Hajime was gone."

"So all we gotta do... is establish who could've possibly done that."

"That's why the killer stalled for time by making the music venue a closed room."

"The killer blocked the venue door from the inside to try and keep us from entering right away."

"Yeah. You're absolutely right."

"Which means, when we broke down the venue door... the killer was still inside." ///

"If that's the case, the only suspicious people are those who don't have an alibi for that time."

"And that's you two! Sonia and Kazuichi!" ///

"The others all have alibis."

"Chiaki, Mikan, Hajime, and I all broke down the venue door together."

"Gundham met up with Hajime at the motel right before that."

"And if Akane and Nagito were laid up in the hospital, the only person that leaves is one of you."

"Anyway, if the killer was hiding inside the venue, we should obviously doubt the people who don't have alibis."

"The killer was still inside the music venue."

"By locking the door from the inside..."

"They tried to keep us from getting in!"

"The lock was on the floor in front of the door."

"You can use that as a bolt to lock the door."

"By doing that, the killer who was hiding inside..."

"...waited 'till we gathered together..."

"...and suddenly appeared!"

"From the outside? How?"

"Semi-transparent glob? Like... rubber, maybe?"


"W-What'd you say?"

"Are you saying the drumstick was a trap the killer set on purpose?"

"Then I... I totally fell for that fucking trap!"

"But when Hajime got to the venue... only Ibuki's body was there, right?"

"Then... when was Hiyoko actually killed?"

"Ibuki's death by hanging matches the scarecrow's death from the movie."

"Not just that, but Hiyoko getting taped up after her death matches the lion's death."

"Then... Hiyoko was actually killed *before* Ibuki?" ///

"Did you see her walking?"

"Hiyoko's only wound was a fatal slice on her neck... and she died almost instantly, right?"

"The reason they wiped off the blood on the floor... was so we'd mix up the order of the murders, right?"

"Even if they're able to hide Hiyoko's body, it'd be bad if her blood was left out in the open."

"S-She hanged herself, remember? There's no fucking way she could've faked that!" ///

"So everyone who stayed at the motel doesn't have an alibi."

"I was where I was supposed to be - my own cottage." ///

"If that's the case, the killer must be someone else."

"But if we never realized it was a half-assed imitation, their entire play would've been completely useless."

"Maybe the killer summoned her!"

"If no one called for her, then why did she go?"

"Even if the killer couldn't predict it, why did Hiyoko get killed in the music venue?"

"She was killed so there wouldn't be any loose ends?"

"Killed Hiyoko..." ///

"You know, we already finished talking about that a while ago."

"Wait, are you saying there were two step ladders?" ///

"Then... only the monitor was left in the music venue?"

"Which means... Are you saying the candle in the music venue wasn't actually used?"

"No, that's not possible." ///

"Right after Hajime saw that video, he discovered Ibuki's body at the music venue."

"If they took Ibuki from the music venue to the hospital to kill her, there's no way it happened during the day."

"So, it's impossible that someone who wasn't already in the hospital went to the conference room to film."

"You better not have kept quiet on purpose. This isn't a game, you know!"

"What's wrong with that?"

"The body at the crime scene was hanged, you know..." ///

"Obviously, we'd assume it was a hanging."

"I'm not taking her side or anything, but being clumsy and unskilled in this area could lead to a mistake."

"That's a little... Aren't you like the thief who suspects everyone else of being thieves?"

"H-Hey...! Mikan...!" ///

"I-Is this broad really okay? She's emotionally unstable!"

"Ibuki and Mikan clearly have different body types."

"How do you know so much about that video?"

Chapter 4 - Do Ultimate Robots Dream of Clockwork?

"Hey... why don't we try going over the incident?"

"We weren't able to leave Strawberry House, so I wanna make sure we get a detailed understanding." ///

"We heard the body discovery announcement, too. From Strawberry House, obviously." ///

"As I recall... we found out the elevator was out of order, which left us stuck."

"I guess we should figure out the weapon first."

"But that hammer was clean... so that's why you can't accept that it's the murder weapon." ///

"Then why bother cleaning the oil? If they didn't want it to look suspicious, they would've discarded the hammer."

"Baby Gangsta? Me?" ///

"That's the problem. There wasn't anything else at the crime scene that looked like a potential weapon." ///

"Huh? Who are you talking about?" ///

"So, he lifted the pillar... and then what? Did he use it to beat himself?"

"But that's a problem. If it's not the pillar, then there's no other weapon we can think of."

"Considering the pillar's weight..."

"It probably exerted a ton of force."

"Why are you so certain about that?"

"Hey, Nagito... What the hell happened to you?" ///

"How come you're not talking like a lunatic anymore?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" ///

"Cut the bullshit and say it clearly. What is the Ultimate Weapon?" ///

"Except for Hajime?" ///

"So that's the secret of the funhouse..." ///

"Does that mean he's wrong?"

"Then it's impossible to think it was moved..."

"Tch... No idea, huh?"

"Then... The two houses aren't two different three-story buildings..."

"...They're actually one six-story building?!"

"Then what about the towers? Are they arranged vertically just like the houses?"

"Then hurry up, dumbass!"

"So which one was the fake body?!"

"The reason Nekomaru's body was in both towers... Even though it was supposed to be on different floors..."

"So that's why we could only enter it from one side or the other!"

"Not just that, but if I remember correctly, even the doorknob was broken off."

"They destroyed the button... and wrapped the chain around the door just for that?"

"An elevator that rotates while it moves... is that even possible? It's like something from an amusement park!"

"What is the octagon? I haven't heard about that yet."

"Why is that place the octagon?"

"What happened to the bastard who kept saying how much they didn't mind dying?"

"Did you forget how the elevator functions? When it's on the first floor, the door on the fourth floor won't open."

"It'd be impossible to shove off the victim from up there!"

"I see. so that's how..."

"The doorknob on the floor seems suspicious."

"Is that the same wire that was tied around Nekomaru?"

"Well, that's probably it."

"If they knew it'd leave behind evidence like that... They would've at least tried to do something to cover it up!"

"This guy... He get's off on this!"

"Then what about the alarm?"

"I'm positive the alarm was set for 7:30 A.M.! and if we map it out from there..."

"S-stop calling me baby gangsta!"

"You didn't check it yourself? Nekomaru's alarm was set for 7:30 A.M."

"But the alarm inside Nekomaru's chest..."

"...Was set for 7:30 A.M."

"No. I checked all the clocks inside the funhouse..."

"...And because of that I can confidently declare that all the clocks had the same time displayed."

"Yeah, none of the clocks had the wrong time."

"Wha?! All the clocks?!"

"Tch... so that's what it was. There's no way I would've noticed that."

"The time of death..."

"...Was clearly 7:30 A.M.!"

"We were starving pretty badly. There's no way we would've noticed"

"Then, when I witnessed Nekomaru earlier in the morning..."

"Huh? What the hell do you mean?!"

"Are you talking about that alarm?"

"A little while after I witnessed Nekomaru, the clock in the strawberry house lounge started going off."

"Plus, it was just before that grumbling sound occurred...That's it! So that's what it is!"

"If Nekomaru died when the rumble happened, then whoever doesn't have an alibi at the time is the prime suspect!"

"You didn't come out, even though the alarm was going off like crazy."

"You weren't in your room, were you?!"

"D-decisive factor?"


"Because...I was in the lounge."

"You bastard! Do you understand the situation you're in right now?!"

"I see, the contact elevator was broken,"

"It would've been different if they had an accomplice"

"W-h-hold on, if Nekomaru didn't go to strawberry tower, what would the killer have done then?"

"Are you seriously saying he used his hamsters to press the button on the back of Nekomarus neck?"

"If he was killed for trying to reveal the traitor..."

"...that traitor is obviously the killer, they were trying to shut Nagito up!"

"Huh? Are you trying to protect the traitor? They didn't call out when we were in danger!"

"Wait, don't tell me you're the traitor!"

"I-I found it by coincidence!"

"There's no way I'd torture someone!"

"Perhaps the duct tape was used so he wouldn't be able to scream"

"Then its like I said at the beginning. The tape wasn't for torture, it was to keep his mouth shut."

"They... probably had a deep grudge against Nagito"

"No they didn't just go crazy. Whoever did this must be one crafty bastard."

"If not, they wouldn't've taken the time to set fire to the crime scene and destroy all the evidence"

"Even if it was only a coincidence, the timing was just too perfect."

"Did they use the oil as an improvised fuse?"

"Does that mean anything?"

"But wouldn't it be obvious that those big panels were falling over?"

"Is that a problem?"

"Now that you mention it,"

"Who? We were all outside the warehouse you know."

"Are you saying this was a suicide? D-t-don't be stupid!"

"His body was covered in torture wounds, or did you already forget?"

"Ar-are you saying those, were all self inflicted?"

"Eh?! That's not the issue! He was tied up remember?!"

"Even for a creep like Nagito, it'd be impossible for him to tie up his own arms and legs."

"Y-yeah, as long as you understand,"

"N-need to discuss?"

"That's not necessary at all! No matter how much you think about it, it's clearly impossible!"

"To actually tie up your own arms and legs,"

"That's obviously impossible!"

"It'd be impossible if you were by yourself"

"W-what? I mean it's no mistake that his arms and legs were-"

"That was just burned by the fire! He should've been tied up before then"

"That's definitely wrong."

"That's not what I meant, I'm talking about Nagito!"

"I mean, even if his right hand wasn't tied up, the knife was still stabbed into it y'know"

"Then hurry up and spill it!"

"Even if Nagitos right hand was free,"

"How could he stab his right hand, with his right hand?"

"If you're tied up your arms won't bend that easily"

"We don't know if his left hand could even reach his right hand!"

"I get what you're saying about the wound on his right hand, but there's still one huge problem,"

"The spear. Basically you're saying Nagito committed suicide by impaling himself with a spear, right?"

"If you think about the order, getting killed by the spear should've been the last thing to happen to Nagito"

"If that's true, how is that possible?"

"He can't grab the spear with is right hand if a knife is stabbed into it, and his left hand was all tied up"

"Hey bastard you better cut it out!"

"I also wanna believe that there's no killer, but suicide is unimaginable"

"But his left hand was also tied up!"

"But even if he held the spear with his tied up left hand, it'd be impossible for him to stab himself"

"But why is it so important to know which part of the spear he was gripping?"


"Then, this is for real?"

"He really, committed suicide?"

"Every single wound on his body, that was all him?"

"A-and that's why, he stabbed himself over and over again?"

"I bet the bomb scare was part of the strategy behind this trick"

"He made us split up and search for a bomb so none of us would have an alibi"

"He created a scenario where any of us could've killed him!"

"He's a fucking bastard who killed himself for his delusions of grandeur, it's not that unthinkable!"

"Yeah, it appears we've come to a conclusion."

"that bastard Nagito committed suicide, and it was all done by him so we would be executed"

"ugh what? You're not satisfied yet?"

"What do you think Akane?"

"wh- hold on, why?"

"But the issue here is who killed Nagito right? Even if we identify the traitor, the conclusion wont change"

"ughh h-hold on a sec, then, are you saying there's more to Nagitos death?"

"Are you suggesting, again, that his death wasn't a suicide?"

"Just to be safe huh?"

"kh guess i have no choice, if that'd the case i'll do my best to go along with it"

"other possibilities, hm"

"Are we finished already?"

"With all those wounds..."

"...maybe he simply bled to death"

"However, its common for blood blotches to appear on a body that's been poisoned"

"What does that mean?"

"D-did he wound his body just to camouflage them?"

"Then its impossible, both his hands were full just before he died"

"His mouth was covered with duct tape you know. If he wanted to drink poison, how'd he get it past his lips"

"Hell no! No matter how you slice it he was totally killed by that spear!"

"Well with this we have a clearer picture, we've also determined the true cause of death"

"Alright, all the mysteries should be solved now, we should get on with the voting time right?"

"Hey, what happened, there's no reason to wonder about any of that stuff anymore y'know"

"The container, probably melted in the fire."

"Y-you're right, someone might've accidentally took it away from the crime scene"

"I-i get what you're saying, but in the end the reason he died is still the same as before, right?"

"Even if we solve this mystery the conclusion won't change at all"

"Huh? that's just a piece of trash."

"Did he, use those when he put the poison inside the fire grenade?"

"See, I told you, the conclusion is still the same, Nagito committed suicide, end of story."

"What'd you say?"

"One of us? Threw the poison grenade that killed Nagito?"

"He set the fire just so we'd put it out? Why'd he do that?!"

"A trap?"

"C-could it be, was that Nagitos trap?"

"Wh-h-hold on! If that's true, you can't say the poison was the cause of death!"

"It might be the poisons fault he let go of the spear, but the actual cause of death could be either one"

"Are you fucking serious?!"

"That's not the fucking issue here!"

"Guess, he says. Tch, how the hell are we supposed to do that?"

"Just as I thought. It's impossible isn't it"

"And what's wrong with that?"

"That's not so strange really, most of us here have been relying on the same thing"

"Wh- what'd he do?"

"Then he- he relied on his luck, to weed out the traitor?"

"Then, what he said in his video message,"

"It means he wants us to beat the traitor"

"hhey, Chiaki, are you being serious right now?"

"Shut the fuck up! We're talkin to Chiaki!"

"Hey, if you 're really the traitor, why'd you wait 'til now to reveal yourself?"

"Looks like, we gotta do what we can"

"It's not like I believe she's the traitor, there's just, no way we can ignore this without confirming it"

"Is the traitors identity written in here?"

"If so, is this like a report the traitor was sending to Monomi?"

"Now that you mention it, Chiaki immediately went to the card reader with her handbook"

"When we were trying to turn off the bomb,"

"Didn't Chiaki use the card reader right away?"

"It's just, even if Chiaki is the traitor, is it really okay to vote for her?"

"That basically just means, we have to believe in Nagitos luck, right?"

"God dammit!"

"Don't fuckin mess with me you bastard, did you have us all come here just to tell us bullshit?"

"Then, we were forced to kill eachother"

"Don't fuck with me! That's not even possible!"

"You better not say we're, fictional characters."

"What'd you remove?"

"I-kh I can't believe that! You're just makin' shit up"

"Yeah, now that you mention it, seems weird"

"no, now that i think about it, it's definitely strange"

"our school memories, about how many days worth were taken away?"

"Peko and I have seen eachother almost every single day of our lives"

"If we lost two years worth of memories, we would've noticed that we were older than we remembered"

"If a lie, is a believable lie. You're saying, it might become the truth?"

"We're really, just connected to machines and stuff. And, our consciousness was uploaded into here"

"So we genuinely believed that this game world was real"

"Who cares if its a lie"

"I mean, if this is really a game world, everything that happened here took place inside the game, right?"

"That's right, the killings we were forced to commit were part of some silly game"

"Everyone who was killed, should still be alive in the real world!"

"Yeah, that's it! Isn't that right Monokuma?"

"W-whats so funny?"

"D-don't tell me- you mean..."


"What the fuck?"

"What the Fuck?!!"

"The ones who trapped us in here,"

"It's all the future foundations doing right?"

"yeah, it didn't get weird until Usami was remodelled as Monomi"

"You're saying, Chiaki was an NPC?"

"That just means it was all a bluff right? so we'd think that the future foundation was our enemy"

"It's just a bluff"

"Why did someone like you suddenly show up"

"I remember hearing that they're dangerous guys who are responsible for terrorism, coup d'etats, and wars"

"We're, part of a dangerous group like that?"

"Don't mess with us! Why do we have to be treated like the bad guys!"

"How can you say we did all that?!"

"WH-what'd you say?!"

"th-that's just a bullshit story, That's obviously bullshit!"

"So, you're saying this was like, a test?"

"Hey, what happens to the people whose avatars died?"


"Goddamn fucking shit!!"

"But still, is it really okay to sacrifice the others just to save ourselves?"

"It's fine to trust him right?"

"Why are you surprised? It's a computer program, so anythings possible right?"

"What're you doing?! Why'd you sow us a fake member of the future foundation"

"What game? This game is already over!"

"I-I know that anything goes here but this? This, is clearly not fucking okay!"

"She said it anyway"

"W- we have to deal with this thing?!"

"Wait what?"

"Did you say Junko Enoshima? Isn't she dead?"


"hey, are you serious? Can you really do that?"

"Who cares about that! Are you serious when you say that everyone who died, will come back to life?"

"Hey! Enough with this pointless crap! Are you seriously going to resurrect everyone who died?!"

"Fine! I won't worry about it!"

"Who fucking cares about logic, as long as everyone who died comes back to life that's good enough"

"Anything goes in this world, you've seen that happen so many times already right?"